​New WhatsApp Update Will Let You 'Unsend' Messages

If you’ve ever sent a drunk or mistaken IM, you’ll be happy to hear that WhatsApp is considering a new option to correct poor life decisions.
WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow you to revoke a message once it has been sent. A Twitter account, @WABetaInfo , that regularly tracks new WhatsApp features, discovered the addition in recent beta copies of WhatsApp.
The screenshots, shared by WABetaInfo , suggest that a user will be able to revoke a message only if the recipient hasn’t viewed it: a revoke option appears next to a message with a single tick – an indicator that a message has been sent to the server, but not delivered to or viewed by the recipient – and only within 5 minutes of sending the message. We’re not sure yet, but it seems unlikely that a user will be able to revoke messages if they’ve generated a notification on another device.

WhatsApp is also testing a new text formatting feature that allows changing of fonts into italic, and bold as well as striking it through. Currently, users have to remember a range of commands to format their messages: like placing text between two asterisks, like *this* to make it bold and to italicize, sandwich text between two underscores, like _this_ .

The test version of the app displays the full range of formatting options when a user selects an excerpt of text with a tap and hold, instead of making users learn and type those commands.
If feedback from the beta tests proves positive, WhatsApp will roll the features out to all users in future updates.

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