​WhatsApp just shared some good news

WHATSAPP has only had the ability to make and receive video calls for the last six months or so, but in that time it has already become an astonishing success, the Facebook-owned company has confirmed.
WhatsApp is enjoying enormous success with its video call functionality.
WhatsApp users are spending more time than ever before using the app’s video call feature, the hugely-popular messenger has confirmed.
The Facebook-owned app’s 1.2 billion monthly active users are spending more than 340 million minutes each day making a staggering 55 million video calls, it announced.
That’s not bad, especially since the ability to make and receive video calls inside the app has only been available for the last six months.
It’s surge in popularity is a testament to WhatsApp’s overall popularity, as well as how important the addition of the feature was to begin with. To mark its impressive new milestone,
WhatsApp has updated its Android app to make video calls more prominent within the user interface.
WhatsApp was relatively late to add the ability to make and receive video calls.
It explained that it had taken its time to roll-out the requested feature because it wanted to enable the feature for all of its users, and not just those “who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks”.
That emphasis on optimisation on slower internet speeds and low-end hardware is clearly paying off.
WhatsApp took a similar approach when developing the ability to send ephemeral photos, video clips, and GIFs as part of a WhatsApp Status.
That feature now has 175 million daily active users worldwide, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed.
Facebook did not reveal usage numbers for Messenger Day and Facebook Stories, other SnapChat Story clones.
The news comes as WhatsApp has started to test the ability to pin conversations within the app menu.
Those who use WhatsApp as their primary messaging app will be aware the popular chat can get pretty crowded, pretty fast.
This can lead to important conversations being pushed down the list – and lost below the fold.
Thankfully, the ability to pin key conversations presents an elegant solution to the problem. And could save your thumb a lot of scrolling.
WhatsApp will soon enable users pin up to three conversations at the top of the chat app list
WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and beta 2.17.163 both include the ability to pin three conversations to the top of the chat list.
Once pinned, your chosen conversation will live at the top of the list – regardless of the how recent you received a message compared to other chats.

When you tap and hold on any chat in the list you will see a new pin icon in the pop-up menu, next pre-existing functions like delete, mute, and archive.
After you have pinned three conversations at the top of the app, WhatsApp will push a notification telling you that you can’t pin any more.
However if you change your mind, you can unpin one of your chosen 3 and pick another.

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