A solution to your phone which consumes alot of data.

All the time i have had this complaint in many of my friends, relatives and course mates. 
e context “my phone consumes alot of data”
Yes today, am showing you how you can save yourself the tragedy. 
One thing to note is that, most of the phones mostly used are android based and with android there be  applications which run in the background. 
Thats why someone will say: i have just loaded data, chat with 2 people on whatsap and my data is gone

I know how you hate that message from ur service provider telling you that you have used 100%  of your volume. 😜

But lets go on now; 
In this post, i will be referring you to an  app called “noroot firewall”
This is an amazing app which will track all  apps using and consuming your data. 
So now its all upon you to select the apps you always need to use. 
Forexample you can give whatsap, facebook and twitter a green light and give a red light to google play store which keeps in background consuming data even when you arent aware. 
NOTE;  there are also apps which you think they dont consume data but in actual sense they do. 
Forexample photogrid
Step1: when you launch this app, the first screen allows you to start the application.  So you press on start, 
And accept the app. 

Step2: once it has been started, it will now detect all apps trying to use your bundle in the notification bar. 
You can press there and either allow or deny the application. 

Step3:the app also has the “apps column” whereby you can see all your apps from. There are 2 options where you can specify how you want to limit your bundle. 
You can restrict an app on mobile data but allow it when you are on Wi-Fi. 
So you can put  a green cross in the line of wifi and put a  red cross in the mobile data column. 

NOTE:the app has an  access log where you can see the activity done by the app. You will actually how apps are denied and  allowed to use your bundle. 

Huuuuh those apps be in background swooping data but thats not a problem any longer. 
We got it?? 
Download this app from; 
Or; https://www.apk4fun.com/apk/40224/
The app is 3mb. 
Provide me with any feedback in the comments column below here or send me an email on  arihoa4@gmail.com or tweet me @albertktel or instagram @albertariho or linkedin @albert ariho kartel and call/whatsap on 0705840594.
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