App lock as a recommended security app.

Hey readers.
In this post am introducing a way of securing your android device.
In this,we review the app called “app lock”
This is the best rated security application  i can recommend.
app lock allows users to lock your apps,with a pattrn or password and above all,you can now lock specific photos and videos from your gallery and they dissapear from the gallery but still exist on the specific storage using the photo and video vault.
You can download and install app lock on google play store or try the following links;

after the app has installed successfully;
you will view the app lock main screen where
there is privacy,protect,photo vault and video vault.
you can lock your interested apps from the listed apps below.
This allows you hide your images from your gallery not to be seen by anybody else.
When you want to hide certain images from your gallery,
👉👉click on photo vault and it will bring a screen with a plus symbol downwards.
👉👉Click on that symbol and youwill now choose which images to move to vault.
After selecting the images,you will click on the padlock symbol downwards to lock your images.
It will prompt you with a message
“Are you sure you want to move itinto vault” and click on OK.
Operation successful. ..
You will now have hidden your image from the gallery and it can only be seen by you.
You can do the same way if you want to hide your videos(your porn videos or anything you might not want someone to view in your gadget)
REAL PROTECTION:  now here;I wil take you through the security settings of app lock.
👉👉Click on Protect from the first  screen of app lock window
You will view listed contents such as
Unlock settings> and that�s what we are interested in however on the security settings;you can isert your security question.
👉👉>click on unlock settings>you will choose through to use pattern or password and can include the password hint.
>👉👉enter your pattern/password and then click on settings from down.
>you will be prompted to  enter your password
>enter it and then you will have saved your password.

You can also hide app lock from your listed apps on the menu such that no one can even see that its installed. And also you are advised to lock your settings such that no one can have a right to uninstall it.
You can even make app lock a device administrator such that it cannot be uninstalled by going to your phone under settings and click on security>device administrators> and then tick in  applock.


After you have hidden your applock from the menu,you might wonder how you may again view your vault images or how to launch it again to change your passwords and themes,
But worry not; here is the way to go;
First method is
1. Open the browser and enter the following link in address bar and press enter.
2. Then click on the blue colour text…
And the second method is
1. Enter your dial pad
2. Press *#*#1234#*#* or #password (which we put last time) it will automatically open for some devices. for some device we need to press the call button also after dialing the above code as shown below…

author:albert ariho kartel.

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