Automatic web scrolling

Do you read a high amount of content each day on the web but get tired of manually scrolling through everything?
Have you ever been in a hall, function or a working room where information accessed on web is projected and you just stare at it automatically scrolling up n down??
Here is the secret.
And its all by an extension added onto the browser called scrolly fox.

install  scrolly fox from 👉👉👉👉

Once you have the extension installed you may want to have a quick look at the preferences. The default scroll speed is set at “50” and the reverse scrolling setting is enabled. You can easily adjust the settings for speed to suit your needs.
By default the extension is disabled at first and the status bar button will have a faded coloration.
You can see what the button looks like once activated…notice the small arrow type buttons on the right side.
In our first example you can see the webpage auto-scrolling in a downward direction.
Having reached the bottom it automatically started scrolling back towards the top.
Good to go…..


While this extension may not be for everyone, it can be useful for those who have heavy reading and/or very long articles to read and only used on firefox.
Thanks for reading.

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