How to download & Install DLS 2020 (Android)

First touch soccer released DLS 2020 on 10th December though the game hasnt been launched worldwide for all the players. its in some countries, so this post is to help you on how to install the latest version of dream league soccer 2020 on your android phone in any country you are located in.

Dls 2020


  • Internet
  • Vpn
  • New google Account

Step 1: You will need to go to your phone settings, Look for apps then clear data of google playstore and google play services.

Also for this moment,sign out the google account which is currently signed in your device.(You can sign in your account later after game installation)

Step 2: Now you have to install a vpn. I favor Nord VPN.
You can download Nord vpn here: NORD VPN
Sign in with any of these email accounts to get Nord vpn premium and connect the vpn to Singapore.
EMAIL PASSWORD Adine1515 kitten12345 1986frodo Safari!2 LoMbArDi7 ua250555 Jesus777

Step 3: Create the google account with any details of your choice. After successfully creating the account

Step 4: Click on this link to open Dls from playstore. CLICK HERE

Step 5: After the game has installed, Make sure you are still connected to the vpn before launching the game for the first time.

Step 6: You can now enjoy the game and it doesn’t need you to be connected to VPN . You have successfully installed the game .

Feel free to join our whatsapp group for any inquiries on how to install the game.,will surely help you. Join the group here

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