How to send apps or computer programs via whatsap. (With pictures) 

​Hey visitor of this website,today am showing you how easily you can send computer programs,android applications to your contacts via whatsap. It just sounds awkward on how somebody would send an application via whatsap. But before we see how this can be possible.
What you need to know?? 
You need to know file extensions of different programs that you want to send;forexample computer programs are always in extension of .exe and android applications are always with extension .apk 
So now that whatsap doesn’t favor these kind of extensions. We shall see how to change these file extensions into a document format such that whatsap can read it as a document and hence being able to be sent via. Documents can include excel which takes .xls,xlsx extension, word documents take .docx and .doc extension while presentation slides take.ppt extension.
Therefore you can either choose any of these document extensions to perform your task to send your targeted program or app on whatsap.

Learn how to extract the application OK
in my next post.

so here we go;
step 1: Locate the app or program you want to send on your phone and click on rename.

step2: originally,like in the example below;it is a mobile app and its extension is .apk therefore we shall edit and remove .apk and put .doc(i have used .doc but you can use any like .ppt or xls)jpg

step3:after clicking on done,it will prompt you to change a file extension and simply click on OK
STEP 4:the app will now appear in doc format and you are good to go.
step 5: After here you can select the document and choose to share via whatsap.
NOTE: after you have sent your application,the receiver should follow the same procedure to remove .doc and put .apk again to install the app in his or her mobile phone.
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