Solution to IDM intergration module is incompatible

This has always been a problem to the IDM users,as mozilla updates firefox after every 6 weeks. you can get this error. and today am taking you through this post to show you how you can get rid of it,
first of all;make sure you have installed your IDM and intergrated with firefox.
check this Link: (Last update 2018 FEB) and download any of the files displayed on the site,
click tools and browse to add ons
Capturenow go to the settings button as circled in the above image;
click on install add-on from file
then browse to the directory where you downloaded the files from. select the file and open.
it will now prompt you to add the extension.add the extension. then enable IDM extension from the list. restart your Firefox and everything will be set.
thanks for reading. recommend by sharing this page  if this helped you.

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