Users thoughts on the new Twitter design- Most Users not happy with it.

Twitter rolled out a new desktop design that adds more customization options and a completely rearranged navigation experience. The redesign has been open to testers for the past few months.

In contrast to past overhauls, picking into the new experience will be required, and there will be no inheritance Twitter to fall back to.

The biggest, most noticeable change is that the top navigation bar has been moved to the left sidebar, which contains bookmarks, lists, your profile, and a new explore tab.

navigation bar has been moved to the left sidebar

Among other changes,they include;

  • The ‘Explore’ tab is now available on desktop, making it easier to find live video and local moments based on your location.
  • Bookmarks, lists, and your profile are easier to access with their own spots in the side navigation menu.
  • Direct Messages now have a larger view, allowing you to respond to messages and see your various conversations on the same screen.
  • The sidebar menu makes it easier to switch between accounts
  • You now have two options for dark mode, as well as various themes and color options.

But however the changes,users using the twitter handle #twitterdesign took their frustration to show how they are unhappy with the new twitter design.

However some users welcomed the design.

And for the twitter users who havent welcomed this design,i will post how to get back to the old twitter soon.

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